Membership of ICMA is awarded based on multiple criteria at the sole discretion of the membership committee of ICMA. For more details please see link.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) grade membership is usually awarded after candidates follow the 2-subject ‘CMA certification program’ with a required attendance record, and successfully complete all examinations and other assessments required. In such cases, a Membership Certificate AND a transcript showing the assessments grades obtained in the subjects is issued to the candidate by ICMA.

If you are a qualified accountant and have over 20-years relevant experience you be exempted from having to sit for exams (under ICMA’s 20-year rule) if you attend and follow the CMA course via face-to-face mode or via Zoom. Those having between 10-20 relevant experience have a choice of sitting the 2-paper exams OR writing 2,000-word assignment(s). Those undertaking the program via face-to-face or Zoom and having 10-20 relevant experience need to write only one assignmemts covering both subjects. Those undertaking the program in Online or in Distance Education mode, must do two assignments (one for each subject) irrespective of the years of experience.

Those undertaking the program in Online or in Distance Education mode must submit their assignments only after 3-months of enrolling in the CMA course, and within 6 months of enrolling. For those undertaking the program via face-to-face or Zoom, there is a one-month study period after attending the course before participants are allowed to submit assignments or sit for exams. Assignments must be submitted within 3-months of completion of program. Deferment of the assessment is permitted up to a maximum of 2-years from completing the CMA Course, if the student has been prevented from completing an assessment through illness or exceptional circumstances.

In special circumstances CMA membership is granted to senior executives and or academics without any assessments. In such cases, ONLY a Membership Certificate is issued. Trascripts are only issued to those undertaking assessments.

Sometimes, those who have obtained CMA membership (without assessments) request a transcript for purposes of further studies or due to a request from their employers. In such cases they would need to undertake the 2-subject ‘CMA certification program’ and successfully complete all assessments. In such cases, please contact [email protected] to be directed to where best to do the CMA program.