Strategy & Governance

How in Hell do You Value a Brand?

Despite a lack of consensus on how to calculate the value of a brand, Charles Orton-Jones (in the Financial Management Magazine on 18 March 2013) highlights how they are increasingly making their way on to […]

Strategy & Governance

Private Equity’s new Asian Strength

While the private-equity business remains in the doldrums in much of the world, the Asia–Pacific region stands out as an exception. A recent McKinsey report, Private equity Asia–Pacific: Is the boom back?, shows that in 2011, Asia […]

Accounting & Markets

Seven Rules of International Distribution

An established corporation looking for new international markets makes a foray into an emerging market, carefully limiting its exposure by appointing an independent local distributor. At first, sales take off, revenues grow pleasingly, and the […]

Strategy & Governance

Global Business Speaks English

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Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Fast Data Entry Techniques in Excel

The key task of management accountants is to do lot of number crunching i.e. to analyse the financial as well as non-financial data, interpreting data, summarizing the results, and prepare reports and dashboards for the management and […]