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Australian fintech investment rebounds

Heading into 2022, fintech investment is expected to remain very robust, with activity growing in less developed fintech markets, including Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. M&A activity is also expected to rise, with deal values growing as both corporates and fintechs look to grow and build scale.  There is also expected to be growing interest in fintech-focused ESG solutions and banking replacements able to address the need for modernization of core banking platforms. There will also be an increasing number of fintechs looking brand themselves as data companies rather than simply fintechs […]

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Indonesia Zoom Webinars

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, ICMA Australia Indonesia Branch continued its commitment to facilitate the capability development for CMA Members, professionals and academics in the fields of accounting and finance. In the December-February 2022 period, 2 […]

CMA Australia News

Bangladesh CMA Program in mixed-mode

On January 13-15 and February 11-12 and 18-19, ICMA successfully delivered the 7-Day CMA Program in mixed-mode (online plus face-to-face teaching) with Professor Janek Ratnatunga and Dr. Chris D’Souza successfully delivering the course from their […]