Ajay Unni – How to derive ROI from your cybersecurity spent

Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity program can take a lot of effort and resources. However daunting these costs may seem, they are severely outweighed by the legal, financial, and reputational repercussions an organisation faces if a security incident occurs. So how do you derive your Return On Investment (ROI) from the amount you spend on cybersecurity?

Our speaker Ajay Unni goes over:

  • the current cybersecurity environment, provide insight on existing and emerging cyber threats in the finance industry,
  • explain how cybercrime has impacted businesses in ANZ and South East Asia in recent years,
  • go over real-world examples outlining the impact of a cyberattack and possible measures that could have prevented them
  • reveal the ten key strategies businesses can use to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches.
  • concluding with a breakdown to help understand the ROI from investing in cybersecurity

About the Speaker

Ajay Unni has over 30+ years’ IT industry experience, with over 15 years as a cybersecurity specialist. He is the founder of StickmanCyber, a business that helps companies mitigate their cybersecurity risks. Ajay named the company after the countless stick figures he used in flow charts, throughout his years in the software and cybersecurity industry.

Ajay was selected to join the 2020 NSW Government’s Cyber Security Task Force, a carefully curated group of experts tasked with accelerating the adoption of industry standards for cybersecurity across Australia and contributed to the 2021 NSW Government Cyber Security Strategy. He also sits on the board of CREST ANZ, a non-profit that provides cyber security accreditation for companies, individuals and corporate entities and promotes best practice information security services.

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