CMA(ANZ) to issue Digital Badges for Membership Grades

The Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia & NZ, the leading management accounting body for senior finance professionals, today announced a new partnership with Credly, the digital credentialing organisation (Pearson), to provide you with a digital version of your CMA(ANZ) professional credential that you can use to showcase what you’ve accomplished. Individuals who have gained CMA(ANZ) membership will earn sharable digital badges, uniquely positioned to make the member’s accomplishments portable and more visible within professional networks.

Prof Brendan O’Connell

“The Institute is committed to providing accessible, affordable, and customizable certification for the business and finance professionals,” said Prof Brendan O’Connell, President, CMA(ANZ). “We could not be more excited to partner with Credly as the next step in our digital strategy to award badges that not only showcase member achievements but connect them globally to one another. CMA continues to partner with new organizations, institutions, and universities, broadening the reach and diversity of management accounting education.”

CMA(ANZ) members can showcase their educational successes by embedding digital badges into their email signatures, on social media, and on their own Credly profile page free of charge. Every member will carry a unique, verified record through Credly’s platform, which will showcase their own professional journey as they customise their continuing professional development tailored to their careers.

Chintan Bharwada

“We are committed to supporting professional growth and fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce through the Institute’s new digital credential strategy,” said Chintan Bharwada, COO of CMA(ANZ). “As the trusted and secure currency for human capital, digital credentials connect professionals to opportunities based on their verified competencies, and have the power to improve equity, diversity, and access in the management accounting and business analysis profession.”

For more information visit CMA ANZ’s digital badge program page.