CPD - Critical Financial Analysis Workshop

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This workshop is dedicated to help managers or advisors of commercial companies succeed. If you are responsible for managing or advising a department, a business unit or a company then you need to analyse and increase the business’s financial performance. Then you will require critical analyses and communication of profit, cash flow and returns that impact business financial performance, value, product or customer profitability, acquisitions, risk assessment, sensitivity of market and management decisions on the business’s future financial performance then this workshop is for you.

Workshop Content

  • Understand the strategic aspects of business and how this determines which financial analyses are appropriate.
  • Tell powerful financial stories to impact strategic business decision-makers and align yourself with them.
  • Stop decisions being made in a financial vacuum by using financial analysis.
  • Fast dynamic financial analysis on One Page Analysis formats to communicate the financial dynamics of performance and decisions, before these are made.
  • Communicate the Importance of profit and critically the impact of net cash flow and returns.
  • Use Customer Profitability to focus management on practical action to improve profit and not just create revenue growth.
  • Use analysis of products or service and work with sales, operational and senior management to deliver financial improvements.
  • Help sales strategy, before it becomes concrete to improve overall cash flow.
  • Use the dynamics of break-even analysis to recommend right-sizing the business and financially evaluate strategic directions and investment.
  • Analyse variances v budgets systematically to make management appropriately
  • responsible for their own actions and decisions on their impact on revenue, costs, profit, cash-flow and returns.
  • Quick sensitivity analysis to target the biggest financial “bang for the bucks” and stop
  • decisions that are immaterial or at worse financially bankrupt.
  • Introduction to Shareholders value- what is it and how to get more by managing economic returns greater than the opportunity cost of capital (WACC)


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October 22nd, 2020 9:00 AM through  5:00 PM
Melbourne, VIC
Event Fee(s)
1 Day Workshop
Member Price $ 275.00
Non-Members Price $ 440.00