Recording: Drivers of Corporate Success Post COVID 19

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The COVID-19 crisis has completely disrupted the business of most companies around the world. At this time, we are not sure how long the disruption will last but on the other side of the crisis companies will need to plan their recovery.

There will be a temptation to focus on short term profitability but recent history and fiascos in the 21st century have shown that this approach is fraught with danger and comes at the cost of long-term sustainable value creation. So, what will be the drivers of corporate success in the post COVID-19 era? What should corporates focus on to ensure long term sustainable value creation post covid19?


Dr Chris D’SouzaDr Chris D’Souza

Dr Chris D’Souza  is currently the COO (Int) and CFO of CMA Australia. After a successful career spanning over three decades in professional practice as well as in corporate management, Dr. Chris D’Souza decided to retire from full time corporate employment to work for the betterment of the accounting profession.

Dr Chris D’Souza now delivers training courses for management accountants in Dubai, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal & Singapore.

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