THAILAND : CMA Australia & New Zealand – G20 Summit 2023 Pattaya Thailand

All of the ICMA(ANZ) Executive and the Regional Directors and Country Heads, giving the “CMA” sign to signify solidarity!

The first meeting of all ICMA(ANZ) Regional Directors from across the world met at Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort, Pattaya City, Thailand on October 23-26, 2023. It was an action packed program with strategic discussions, networking and many social events.

As there were Directors or Country Heads from 20 Regions in attendance, the event was called the “CMA G20 SUMMIT”. Those attending were:

• Australia: Prof Brendan O’Connell (President), Prof Michael Tse (Chairman), Prof Janek Ratnatunga (CEO) and Dr Chris D’Souza (Deputy CEO); Ms. Roshani Perera (Membership Committee Chairman) and Mr. Chris Perera, Executive Officer.
• New Zealand: Mr. Richard Miranda
• Bangladesh: Mr Sazzad Hassan

• China (including Hong Kong and Macau):Professor Allen Wong
• India: Mr. MV Jayafar
• Indonesia: Jakarta Centre: Mr. Bambang Gunawan & Ms. Arum Indriasari (IPMI Business School); West Java and Special Capital Region (Jakarta): Mr. Daniel Godwin Sihotang; East Java, Central Java, Special Region (Yogyakarta): Dr. Ana Sopanah Supriyadi & Ms. Reny Kurniawati: Surabaya Centre: Dr. Josua Tariganx.
• Japan: Mr. Yoichiro Ogihara
• Nepal: Mr. Kumar Khatiwada
• Philippines: Mr. Henry Ong
• Sri Lanka: Mr Kapila Dodamgoda
• Thailand: Khun Punrada Lertkomonsuk
• United Arab Emirates & GCC: Mr. Shakeeb Ahmed
• Vietnam: Mr. Long Phan, CMA

Prof Brendan O’Connell, ICMA(ANZ) President), welcoming the Regional Directors and Country Heads to the G20 Summit in Pattaya, Thailand.
The ICMA(ANZ) Executive. Roshani, Janek, Brendan, Chris DS, Michael, and Chris P.

On the first day, after the were welcomed by Prof Brendan O’Connell, the President), the Regional Directors and Country Heads introduced themselves to each other. This was followed by an “Overview of ICMA(ANZ) Activities” by Prof Janek Ratnatunga. After morning tea, Prof Brendan O’Connell gave an “Overview of Higher Education Trends”, and Prof Micheal Tse gave an “Overview of Professional Bodies and Trends Globally”.

Next were the strategic discussions. Prof Janek Ratnatunga and Dr Chris D’Souza undertook an “ICMA(ANZ) SWOT Analysis”, and then Mr. Kapila Dodamgoda gave his experiences and insights on “The internationalisation of the GMA Conversion Programme”. This was followed by an Open Discussion led by Dr Chris D’Souza (Deputy CEO).

Richard, Punrada, Ogi and Shakeeb.
Daniel, Bambang, Arum, Rere, Allan, Ana and Josua.

After Lunch, the Regional Reports & Strategies to Market CMA program in their respective regions were presented by the Directors and Country Heads. After tea, there was a free Discussion led by Prof Brendan O’Connell with a final wrap-up.

The networking and team building continued the next day with a visit to the Mongnooch Tropical Garden and the Pattaya Floating Market.

Enjoying Networking at the Mongnooch Tropical Garden.
Enjoying Networking at the Pattaya Floating Market. Allen, Chris, Roshani, Ogi, Rere, Shakeeb, Janek, Kumar, Ana, Kapila, Henry, Mumta, and Sazzad & Family.
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