Alena Bennett on “CFO of the Future Beyond Business Partner”


For so long “Business Partner” has been the endgame, the holy grail for CFOs and their teams. Certainly not a new concept, it’s still a hard hurdle for many CFOs to reach and overcome. For those that have mastered what it takes to be a business partner, job satisfaction might be waning. Why, you might ask? Because it’s the wrong goal. We need to be thinking beyond the business partner so that business partnering becomes the new BAU.

Join Alena has she shares her reflection of the CFO career journey in a way that will allow you to say ‘oh, that’s me’. She’ll also share with you what happens beyond business partner and provide you with the opportunity to think bigger about your career and what ‘leading with significance’ means to you. This will prompt you to think ‘wow – I want that to be me’. She’ll then share with you the steps you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.


CMA ANZ is proud to present one of our members Alena Bennett – CMA , who is also a  Chartered Accountant with international public practice and corporate experience and a trained educator and published author, Alena is the go-to for Chief Financial Officers and their teams looking for next-level success.

Obsessed with delivering results beyond the numbers, Alena is a speaker, author, mentor, team facilitator and leadership coach who loves to get in front of people and provoke the right conversation to create energy, excitement and action about issues that matter. She helps CFOs and leaders in finance unleash the power of their purpose and brings that to life by teaching them the mindset, skills and behaviours they need to deliver results that inspire.

Passionate about connecting finance professionals Alena runs a CFOs Connect Community and Leading Women in Finance Network and is the author of the leadership book, “Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers”, written exclusively for women in finance. Her next book, “CFO of the Future: How CFOs elevate their voice, value and vision” for Chief Financial Officers is due for release mid September 2021.

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