Business Valuation

The Business Valuation certification is ideal for those who wish to have a transaction advisory or management accounting role, which focuses on the financial health of companies. The business valuation consultant helps clients with formal valuation for compliance and/or regulator purposes and has significant project management abilities Business valuation professionals assist individuals and corporations with calculating the net worth of their businesses, and supplying clients with financial data that helps them make well-informed business decisions. In addition to possessing excellent analytical, communication and decision-making skills, business valuation professionals must be able to clearly interpret complex financial statements and figures.

This course provides skills in business valuation; including the ability to build strong client and employee relations and significant knowledge in valuation issues and positions. Training in the effective research of prospective clients and developing new business opportunities is also undertaken. Since business valuation managers supervise teams, these undertaking the training will also be able to delegate and prioritize work effectively across different roles and functional teams; and prepare financial modeling for acquisition/disposition strategies and buy-out.

Course Information

(Course needs to be completed within 12 months of enrollment.)

This is an online self-study course, all study material is be provided online.

This online course consists of handful of topics. Each topic will have their own block below. Keep in mind that this is a Self-Study online course, hence, going through these materials and gathering a comprehensive understanding of the topic is your responsibility. We have estimated that you will require 8-10 hours of Self-Study.

In order to aid you in this process, we have provided the following recommendations.

Course Material document will be your primary study materials. You will need to go through this first and foremost.

We have provided Case Studies including their solutions. It is highly recommended that you attempt these case studies and compare your answers against the provided solutions.

Once you complete this you will be able to download and print your own certificate. Remember you will still have access to this course for 1 year from the date of registration.

Course Fees: AUD$550 

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