Chris Baker on “Is Personality Profiling useful in People and Culture (HR) management”

When it comes to recruiting, most people will tell you that attitude is as important as skills and knowledge. In fact, skills and knowledge are hygiene factors that can be taught, whilst attitude is in one’s DNA. Yet, few if any of them take any concrete action to assess the personality of their shortlisted candidates. That is probably because they think they can pick up personality cues in a face-to-face interview.

You’ve no doubt heard of Personality Profiling. In fact you’ve probably been profiled a few times yourself.

However, many have little confidence in the formal Personality Profiling tests, as they are suspicious of them, or they’ve had no training or experience in this field, or it all looks too hard. Further, you have heard that there is an implicit bias in the design of the questions.This webinar will explore if Personality Profiling really works or is it just another gimmick.

CMA Australia and NZ brings you Chris Baker, the Australia/NZ CEO of the global personality profiling company PeopleMaps Ltd. to discuss and answer all your questions on this topic.

Presenter: Chris Baker – CEO PeopleMaps NZ and Aus, member of the PeopleMaps Franchise Development Team and the PeopleMaps Product Development Team.