CMA Program at SMU Singapore

Some of the Participants of the 3rd Strategic Cost Management program at the SMU Academy in Singapore. In the picture is the program facilitator, Prof. Janek Ratnatunga.

The third CMA Intensive program in Singapore, Strategic Cost Management was conducted by Professor Janek Ratnatunga at the Singapore Management University Academy (SMU Academy) in Singapore in March 15-17th, 2020. The course was organized by the excellent team at SMU Academy led by Mr Cary Chan, Elicia Chia and Robert Sim. Those who complete the assessments will also be awarded the Certificate of Proficiency in Strategic Cost Management jointly by ICMA and SMU Academy.

Then the world went into shutdown with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

SMU Academy and ICMA successfully moved the delivery of the Strategic Business Analysis course online using the Zoom platform on 20-23 March, 2020. Professor Janek Ratnatunga and Dr. Chris D’Souza successfully delivered the course from their homes in Melbourne. If the lockdown continues, it is envisaged that the next CMA program will be delivered online as well.

Dr Chris D’Souza delivering the SBA program from his home in Melbourne, Australia. On the screen are the students who attended class. Others participated from their own homes in Singapore.