Global Zoom CMA Program

The fourth Global Zoom CMA Program was held over 3 weekends in in March 2022. It was an immense success with 74 participants from 22 countries. It commenced at 2pm AEDT and finished at 10pm each day. There were those who tuned in from Canada at Midnight the day before; and from New Zealand who finished after midnight the day following! There were also participants from Europe, Africa, the UAE, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and also Australia.

The presenters were Prof Janek Ratnatunga, Prof Brendan O’Connell and Dr. Chris D’Souza; and the Zoom Host was Dr Chintan Bharwada; ICMA’s COO. Given the incredible logistics involved, it was a team-teaching effort on all the days. From the comments posted in the chat boxes; it was extremely well received. This program had a number of participants from Australia and New Zealand. Special commendation must go to Dr Ana Sopanah and Dr Josua Tarigan , the Regional Directors from Indonesia; and also Mr. Sazzad Hassan, the Regional Director of Bangladesh, Mr. Kapila Dodamgoda, the Regional Director of Sri Lanka, and Shakeeb Ahmed the Regional Director of UAE.

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Professor Janek Ratnatunga is CEO of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. He has held appointments at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the Australian National University in Australia; and the Universities of Washington, Richmond and Rhode Island in the USA. Prior to his academic career he worked with KPMG.