Indonesia Branch Events

ICMA Indonesia Branch AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ICMA Indonesian Branch was held at the IPMI Business School, on September 21st. 2019, with the Branch President, Mr. Daniel Godwin Sihotang in the Chair. As per the Constitution, the 2018 branch committee was re-elected unanimously for 2019.

  • President: Mr. Daniel Godwin Sihotang, CMA
  • Vice President: Mr. Iman Subekti, CMA
  • Secretary: Mr. Inu Pinandito, CMA
  • Treasurer: Mr. Nursakti Niko Rosandy, CMA

The Surabaya Chapter

  • President: Dr. JosuaTarigan, CMA
  • Vice President: Ms. Saarce Elsye Hatane, CMA
  • Secretary: Ms. Priskila Adiasih, CMA
  • Treasurer: Dr AnaSopanah, CMA

In the period 2018-2019, the Committee has been very dynamic and has organised many activities for the members conducting 13 seminar programs around the country and over 30 strategic alliances with universities in Indonesia.

ICMA Indonesia “Transformation Forum 2019”

Whatever a company has a vision for the future, it must include digital transformation in order to grow. Aligning with this situation, on August 24, 2019, ICMA Indonesia conducted the successful first event in transformation with the topic Digital Transformation Journey to Industry 4.0. Continuing from the previous event about innovation, the transformation event focus on the awareness about various aspects in digital transformation. Finance and accounting professionals, especially management accountants should be aware about this challenge and prepare for the future in Industry 4.0.The guest speaker was Mr. Morlan Silalahi, a Smart Factory Practitioner in FMCG, who shared the digital transformation journey to industry 4.0 – what happened in an ‘internet minute’, how the world is changing where ‘data is the new oil’. Also covered were future megatrends, world and industry challenges, digital transformation core and enablers.

Mr. Inu Pinandito was the moderator from ICMA Indonesia and Wijaya Karya provided a high-level illustration of Industry 4.0.

ICMA Indonesia Branch President, Mr. Daniel Godwin Sihotang, with the group of participants at the Transformation Forum 2019. Also in the picture is Mr. Morlan Silalahi, the presenter; Inu Pinandito as moderator from ICMA Indonesia and Wijaya Karya and Mr. Nursakti Niko Rosandy.