Lasanka Perera and Lee Eaton of Independent Reserve on “Bitcoin and Crypto: Why They Are Viable Investment Options”


Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency…you have heard these terms… what do they mean? The price of a Bitcoin is currently over A$60,000 … if you do not have such money, can you invest in Bitcoin? Our CEO wrote a blog about this Now CMA Australia brings you two leading professionals who run the No.1 cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to tell you more and answer some of your more in-depth questions as to the viability of cryptocurrency as an investment option.


Lee Eaton – National Head of Business Development

Lee has 15 years experience working across the entire spectrum of business development activities and wealth management. Prior to heading up Independent Reserve’s business development function, he worked across multiple roles with KPMG Australia, Evans Dixon and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Lee has degrees from the ANU in both Commerce and Asian Studies and is a certified financial planner (CFP).

Lasanka Perera – COO of Independent Reserve

Lasanka has over 12 years of experience in financial markets, trading markets, regulation, establishing successful consumer facing financial services businesses. He has launched domestic and international financial services businesses by bringing together regulators, banks, institutions and intermediaries Moderators: Prof Janek Ratnatunga and Dr Chris D’Souza

About Prof Janek Ratnatunga 1129 Articles
Professor Janek Ratnatunga is CEO of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. He has held appointments at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the Australian National University in Australia; and the Universities of Washington, Richmond and Rhode Island in the USA. Prior to his academic career he worked with KPMG.