Memorandum of Understanding between the Auditors Association of Nepal (AUDAN) and the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia (ICMA)

  1. Purpose of the MOU
    The purpose of the MOU is to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in professional development and professional community in Nepal.
  2. Commencement, Duration and Termination
    This MoU shall come into effect from the date it is signed by the respective parties.
    The MoU’s duration shall be 5 years from the date of signing.
    This MoU may be terminated by either party giving 90-day written notice to the other party of its intention to terminate it.
  3. Amendment and Extension
    This MoU may be amended and extended under the written mutual agreement of both
  4. Contents of the MOU
    • The two sides will cooperate in sharing information and professional experience in Nepal (the country), paying special attention to cooperation in the field of membership management, professional development and professional ethics, updating their knowledge, quality control, training and career development;
    • The two sides will organize, cooperate and, participate in conferences, seminars and joint activities to bring benefits to both sides, focusing on the emerging fields of interest in the accounting profession in Nepal, including the support that the ICMA will provide in terms of speakers for conferences and training updates for AUDAN’s members;
    • The two sides will promote the mutual cooperation in their respective activities, events and publications;
    • AUDAN members will be admitted as Associate ICMA members on the basis of being a member of AUDAN. Associate members may become certified members (Full CMA Members) of ICMA after completing the 2-subject CMA program.
      Such CMA members must maintain their membership of AUDAN
    • The two sides shall engage in each of the activities of mutual cooperation under the written agreement made by the parties, before such activities are implemented;
    • The two sides will engage in other activities of the mutual cooperation;
    • The two sides agree that the MOU is not exclusive; and that each party can cooperate with other partners in the region and internationally, in accordance with the capacity of each party.

The two sides agree to set up a Liaison Committee to implement the agreement as per this MOU. Program specific actions will have a two-year agreement through the Liaison Committee and will be recognized in a specific action plan. The two sides agree to the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding and on the implementation and the commitment towards cooperation and sustainable development goals for professional career development.

Fees (for Auditors’ Association of Nepal (AUDAN) Members to become CMA Australia members):

Amount Unit/Subjects Total
Application Fee $99.00 1 $  99.00
Joining Fee $198.00 1 $198.00
CMA Exam Fees $55.00 2 $110.00
CMA Preparation Course – by Recognised
Pricing Differs by Provider
CMA Preparation Course – by Online $800.00 2 $1600.00
Annual Membership Fees See website for current fees

Mr. Kumar Khatiwada, CMA
Regional Director – Nepal
Email: [email protected]