Global CFO Think Tank

Networking opportunities are provided for senior members via the Global CFO Think Tank which is an ‘Advisory Group’ established under the auspices of The Institute of Certified Management Accountants for industry representative organisations to meet and discuss the developments and the changing environment pertaining to the provision of strategic decision making and performance reporting information in accounting and finance, as expected over the next two decades.

The Global CFO Think Tank is dedicated to the establishment and strengthening of sustainable value creation philosophies within market economies.  It supports research and promotes and publishes studies on economic, socio-political and sustainable development issues within corporations and other business entities.

Today’s Chief Financial Officer faces immense pressure to drive business growth in an exceptionally challenging environment. In addition to shifts in the regulatory landscape, fluctuating interest rates, and an unstable global economy that are affecting all business entities; macro issues such as climate change, solid waste management and global pandemics that disrupts supply chains are all weighing heavily on the CFO’s mind.

While yesterday’s CFO leveraged financial acumen to manage their team and oversee the company’s finances, today’s CFO is expected to play a much more dynamic, strategic, innovative role on the leadership team. Specifically, CFOs are being tasked with navigating the evolving digital landscape and determining how the organization can leverage certain tools and technologies to drive efficiency, cut costs and deliver sustainable value.


  • Providing a forum/platform for the exchange of ideas
  • Promoting a philosophy of sustainable value creation
  • Providing guidance on the conformance and performance aspects of enterprise governance
  • Guiding CFOs in using financial innovation to transform the business and drive results
  • Building a culture of information-driven decision-making in organisations to drive efficiency and control costs
  • Using insights to give Finance and Management Accounting a strategic voice in the business
  • Exploring the future of finance.

The Global CFO Think Tank provides advice and direction in research and advocacy concerning topics such as strategic finance, risk management, cost management, technology, and environmental and social management accounting and sustainable value creation.

The advice provided by representative organisations will be invaluable to the Institute in developing the curriculum for the education and training of managers over this extended period. It will also enable the Institute to voice a collective opinion in governmental and other commissions pertaining to information management, and also to standard setting bodies.

It is expected that the Group will meet four-times a year in major locations globally.

If your organisation is interested in joining the Global CFO Think-Tank, please contact the Institute on +61 (03) 8555 0358 or email [email protected]