The Core Benefits of ICMA membership are:

  • Membership Certificate recognising qualifications and experience in the specialist field of management accounting.
  • The use of internationally recognised post-nominals, especially the highly sought-after CMA professional credentials. If you are not a financial member, it is prohibited to use these post-nominals or describe yourself as a ‘Certified Management Accountant’.
  • Up to 8 credit exemptions (out of 12) in the MBA program of the ICMA sponsored Calwest University in the USA, and the possibility of continuing to a Doctorate (DBA) research degree after completing the MBA.
  • Up to 4 credit exemptions in many Australian and overseas Masters and MBA programs for those successfully completing the Institute’s Education Program.
  • Full access to the members only access area of with links to all associated management accounting web pages around the world.
  • Institute’s monthly e-newsletter On Target.
  • Access to the Institute’s commissioned research publications.
  • Full access to the Institute’s research journal, the Management Accounting Frontiers (formally JAMAR).
  • Full access to the Institute’s vast online library services specialising in Strategy, Accounting, Marketing, Business Analysis and Risk Management.
  • Participation in Regional Office, Branch and Centre activities.
  • Access to membership in special interest groups.
  • Access to a range of Continuing Professional Development opportunities in the leading-edge topics of management accounting.
  • Networking opportunities via strategic alliances with universities, management accounting academics and professionals around the world.
  • Mutual Recognition Agreements with other professional accounting bodies.

Additional Services

In addition, members can obtain the following at discounted prices:

  • Enrolment in its Seminar series on cutting-edge developments in the profession.
  • Registration at the ICMA sponsored conferences around the world.
  • Access and participation in ICMA Webinars with senior academics and professionals.