This qualification is tailored to senior managers who have degrees or professional qualifications in all business fields (marketing, management, finance, banking, accounting etc.) OR  senior managers with over 10 years of business experience.

ICMA has recognised that there are senior managers who are not interested in becoming accountants.  As such it has introduced a new certified qualification; the Certified Global Business Analyst (CGBA)® for those interested in finance and business analysis, but not interested in continuing further to become CMAs.

The CGBA is a Certification program (not an ICMA Membership grade).  As such, to be eligible to hold the CGBA certification, ICMA membership is required (see details below).

To obtain the Certified Global Business Analyst (CGBA) professional qualification, participants undertake only the Strategic Business Analysis (SBA) module of the CMA preparatory program.  It is open for those who have a degree or professional qualification in any business discipline (both accounting and non-accounting) and 5-years of business experience. Non-business degree holders and professionals also are eligible if they have over 10-years of business experience.

The assessments done are the case studies within the Strategic Business Analysis  (SBA) course module, and an Assignment that must be submitted after the course is completed which costs A$55.

An Assignment is not required for those holding the CMA-level certification, as they already would have been assessed in the SBA course.

The fee for the CGBA certification is A$ 150 for three years use of the post-nominals CGBA. Please note that annual membership in the ICMA (at either the FCMA, CMA, AMA, GMA, RBA, RCA, CAT or MAA levels) must be maintained during this period. The Management Accounting Affiliate (MAA) membership of ICMA is an open membership for all individuals (accountants or not). If you are not a member of ICMA; then join at least as an MAA. Note that the A$150 CGBA fee includes MAA membership for 3-years. For new members, please note that there is an once-off Application Fee and Joining Fee, in addition to the annual Membership Fee.


STEP 1:  undertake the Strategic Business Analysis (SBA) module

STEP 2:  Submit Assignment (and Pass)

STEP 3:  Join ICMA by paying an Application Fee of A$99 and a Joining fee of $198 (once-off).

STEP 4: The fee for the CGBA certification is A$ 150 for three years use of the post-nominals CGBA. (this also includes the Management Accounting Affiliate (MAA) fee for 3-years).

If you are already a ICMA member, please ensure that you have your ICMA (Australia) membership number with you prior to filling the CGBA Certification application form. This number is in your membership certificate in one of the following two formats:



Download CGBA Certification application here.


  1. If a Non-Accounting Degree Holder is interested in becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) he/she has to first undertake the 4-subject GMA Conversion Program(Financial Modelling, Management Accounting; Financial Management and Financial Statement Analysis) prior to attending the 2-Module CMA preparatory program.
  2. If an accounting degree holder or a holder of an accounting professional qualification (e.g. CA, CPA, CIMA, ACCA) or MBA* obtains a CGBA; and then wishes to continue to get the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) qualification; he/she must also complete the first CMA Module; i.e. the Strategic Cost management (SCM) module; and sit for the assessments (Exams/Assignments) for both SCM and SBA modules.

*The MBA degree must be from an accredited or government recognised University provided the applicant had been admitted to the MBA program after completing an undergraduate degree in any discipline or had an equivalent recognised professional  qualification AND done the subjects Financial Management and Management Accounting (or equivalent) as part of their MBA degree program. Those who were admitted to their MBA program based on experience only, will need to submit their CV to ICMA to evaluate if they can be admitted to the CMA program.

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