The ICMA (Australia)’s CMA examinations have been written into the Rules of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants (PNG), a professional body set up by statute (Management Accountants Act 2004) in the independent State of Papua New Guinea.

The Rules of the Institute specifies the level of training, examinations, period of service, experience and fitness for membership required relating to the admission or advancement of a person to membership of the Institute as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants (FCMA) and Associate Chartered Management Accountant of the Institute (ACMA).These rules specify that an applicant must at the time of his application for admission—

  • have passed the final Bachelors Degree (or higher degree) examination in accounting, or commerce (or equivalent) of the universities listed in sub-paragraph 2.1 of the First Schedule of the Rules;
  • have passed the final examination in accountancy of one of the following professional accounting bodies (or its recognized equivalent) listed in sub-paragraph 2.2 of the First Schedule of the Rules;
  • AND, without exception, all applicants under sub-paragraph 2.1 and 2.2 above, MUST have also passed the Australian Institute’s (ICMA, Aust.) CMA final examinations listed in sub-paragraph 2.3 of the First Schedule of the Rules.

The CMA program can be undertaken at an Accredited University; or Recognised Provider Institution or Online.



Amount Units/ Subjects TOTAL  
CMA Preparation Course – by Recognised Provider Pricing Differs by Provider
CMA Preparation Course – by Online 2-Subjects $800 2 $1,600
CMA Exam Fees $55 2 $110




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