Special consideration

You may apply for special consideration if, through events such as illness, bereavement or personal trauma, you are prevented from completing an assessment or sitting an examination, or you feel your performance has been affected by the event.

Applications for special consideration must be made in writing to the Institute’s Secretariat or to the office of the Recognised Provider Institution (RPI), accompanied by a medical certificate or other documentary evidence. If your application is successful, you may be offered the opportunity to sit another exam or have your mark adjusted. Where an adjustment is made to the final grade, the new grade will not be higher than a pass. You must advise the Institute of your circumstances before the due date for any assignment or examination date. Work pressures and other personal or business commitments will not be accepted as valid reasons for special consideration.

Reasonable adjustment

Reasonable adjustments may be made for candidates with a specific learning need which, if not met, might put them at an unfair disadvantage.

Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that candidates are not presented with artificial barriers, such as those resulting from a physical disability, to their learning and their ability to demonstrate achievement in the program of study.

Students should inform the Institute of the nature of their learning need at the time of enrolment so that suitable adjustments may be made.

Learning difficulties

You may apply for learning support with basic literacy, numeracy, English or other identified areas of learning difficulty. Students should inform the Regional Office when they enrol so they can be referred to specialists in a particular area.