The ICMA provides an accelerated academic pathway program for senior academics teaching management accounting in accredited or government recognised universities. These academics need to provide a CV and details of their academic experience in management accounting to obtain their CMA. All Professors and Senior Lecturers in accredited or government recognised universities can apply for direct CMA membership on the submission of their CV.

The ICMA(ANZ) Education and Membership committees will assess the applicant’s qualifications and experience, and offer membership of CMA (ANZ) under the ‘Academic Pathway’. The only condition is that he/she must enrol for a 7 day CMA Program via Zoom, and attend one within two years of obtaining membership, at a special CPD rate that is offered to all members (more than 80% discount to the full fee).

The 7-day CMA Program via zoom is conducted twice a year in March and September; over 3 weekends (and one Monday).

Those accepting to this academic pathway, will be sent an invoice for the CMA Zoom CPD Fee, plus the Joining Fee and Annual Membership fee listed below. Please email: [email protected] for more information.

The ICMA may require some of more junior academics to follow a CMA program* via an Accredited University or Recognised Provider, or via Zoom. and in some cases there will also be assessments required. . Please note the experience requirements for AMA and CMA membership. Academic and teaching experience is counted towards this experience.

Amount Units/ Subjects TOTAL
Application Fee $99 1 $99
Joining Fee $198 1 $198
CMA Preparation Course – by Recognised Provider* Pricing Differs by Provider
Annual Membership Fees See website for current fees
*If ICMA requires an academic applicant to follow such a course