These rules and conditions are extracts from the ICMA constitution. You are advised to download a copy of the constitution for your reference.

Continuation of membership

A person’s membership of the Association automatically terminates upon that person: becoming insolvent; dying; suffering from mental incapacity; resigning or termination pursuant to clause 7; or not paying the annual subscription or any other fees payable with three months of the due date.

Membership not transferable

A right, privilege, or obligation of a person by reason of that person’s membership of the Association is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person.

Founding members

Persons who were members of the Association prior to its incorporation automatically become Members upon its incorporation.

Membership committee

At the end of each annual general meeting, the Executive Committee must appoint a member of the Executive Committee to be the chairperson of the Membership Committee.

The chairperson of the Membership Committee must within 1 week of that person’s appointment, appoint two other Members (one of whom must be an Officer) to the Membership Committee. These appointments are at the sole discretion of the chairperson of the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee is responsible for processing all applications received for membership of the Association and submitting them to the Executive Committee for its final approval together with appropriate recommendations.

Register of Members

The Secretary must maintain a register of members in which must be entered the full name, address, date of commencement and cessation of membership and grade of membership of each Member.

The register is available for inspection by Members free of charge upon provision of reasonable notice to the Secretary.

Resignation and Expulsion of a Member

A Member who has paid all fees due to the Association may resign from the Association by giving at least one month’s notice in writing to the Secretary of that Member’s intention to resign.

Upon the expiration of that period of notice, that person ceases to be a Member.

Upon the expiration of the period of notice given under clause 7.l the Secretary must make in the register of members an entry recording the date on which the Member by whom the notice was given ceased to be a Member.

Subject to these Rules, the Executive Committee may by resolution terminate the membership of a Member and expel that Member from the Association after giving the Member an opportunity to be heard by the Executive Committee.

Such action may be taken by the Executive Committee if :

  • the particular Member has refused or neglected to comply with the Rules; or
  • has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a Member or prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

The Chairperson or other duly appointed presiding officer may suspend a Member from a general meeting of the Association if, after due warning has been given, the Member persists in disrupting the orderly proceedings of that meeting.