Those graduating with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from an accredited or government recognised University can sit for the 2 subject (Strategic Cost Management & Strategic Business Analysis) CMA Program provided they had been admitted to the MBA program after completing an undergraduate degree in any discipline or had an equivalent recognised professional  qualification AND done the subjects Financial Management and Management Accounting (or equivalent) as part of their MBA degree program. Those who were admitted to their MBA program based on experience only, will need to submit their CV to ICMA to evaluate if they can be admitted to the CMA program.  

Those not having taken the Financial Management and Management Accounting subjects in their MBA degree can undertake these at any university, or other recognised professional accounting body, or by undertaking these within ICMA’s own GMA Conversion Program which can be done at a Recognised Provider Institution or Online.

In addition to the educational qualifications, please note the experience requirements for AMA and CMA membership.

The CMA program can be undertaken at an Accredited University; or Recognised Provider Institution or Online to obtain the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) professional qualification.

Amount Units/ Subjects TOTAL
Application Fee $99 1 $99
Joining Fee $198 1 $198
GMA Conversion Exam Fees* $55 2 $110
CMA Exam Fees $55 2 $110
GMA Preparation Course – by Recognised Provider* Pricing Differs by Provider
GMA Preparation Course – by Online per subject* $800 2 $1,600
CMA Preparation Course – by Recognised Provider Pricing Differs by Provider
CMA Preparation Course – by Online 2-Subjects $800 2 $1,600
Annual Membership Fees See website for current fees
*If Required to undertake