The Institute’s Membership Committee develops the minimum experience requirements required for entry to the various membership designations and certifications of ICMA; and oversees the application of the entry criteria, education and experience requirements of individuals prior to granting membership of ICMA. The membership committee is also responsible for: (1) membership retention activities; (2) engaging with industry and government; and (3) the development of Ethical standards for members. See Terms of Reference Here 

The Membership Committee will also be responsible to establish and monitor the following advisory board/s and subcommittees:

Members of the Membership Committee are as follows:

Hon. Membership Committee Chairman
Ms. Roshani Perera
Mr. Tony Pereira
Mr. Hans Ferdinand
Mr. David Cartney
Mr. Sandy Stewart
Mr. Jehan De Silva
Dr. Leon Duval
Dr Ana Sopanah
Prof Michael Tse