These programmes cover the three technician-level qualifications of ICMA:

An overview of the Technician Level programme is illustrated in the following figure.


There are 4-Stages in the Technician-Level Programs, consisting of 4-Subjects each as follows:

Stage 1

Organizational Management

Accounting Principles & Practice

Accounting Control Systems

Financial Information Systems

Stage 2

Financial Economics

International Business Law & Governance

Business Analysis & Audit

International Business Taxation

Stage 3

Financial Accounting

Marketing Management

Information Management

Strategic Management

Stage 4

Financial Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Modelling

Managerial Accounting

Entry Requirements

High school graduates with a pass level at a Country (or State) administered university entrance examination (e.g. TER, SAT, IB or ‘A’ Levels) (or equivalent), may apply to undertake ICMA’s Technician-level programmes. Those holding a Graduate Diploma in Accounting are eligible to join at the Registered Cost Accountant (RCA) level and those holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting are eligible to join at the Registered Business Accountant (RBA) level.  Part qualified student members of recognized professional accounting bodies (e.g. CA, CPA, CIMA, ACCA etc.) would also be eligible for this pathway at a suitable entry point as determined by ICMA, based on the percentage of part-completion obtained. To join as a Graduate Management Accountant (GMA), the student must obtain a degree in any discipline after the completion of the graduate-level program.

Practical Experience Requirements

No practical experience is required to obtain membership at any of the stages of the Technician-level programs and for the Graduate Management Accountant (GMA) certification and membership. Note however, a degree (in any discipline) is required for GMA certification.

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