Students should study the CMA Syllabus in detail to understand the program prior to paying their course fees. Fees will not be refunded if:

1. a student withdraws after the program has commenced,

2. study notes have been dispatched or

3. student access to online course materials has been activated.

Exceptions to the above will be made under the following circumstances:

(a) where the student’s application for enrolment is declined by the ICMA; or

(b) whereby reason or reasons beyond the student’s control, including acts of government authorities, civil strikes and riots, the student is prevented from studying a module or subject in either face-to-face, online or zoom modes; or

(c) where the ICMA cancels a module or subject in which the student has enrolled; or

(d) where the commencement of the module or subject is postponed by ICMA for more than four weeks.