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MAF Summer 2020

Management Accounting Frontiers  MAF Overview TABLE OF CONTENTS Editorial: COVID-19 Pandemic and the Case for Research on Traditional Management Accounting Practices V. G. Sridharana, Michael S. C. Tseb a Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Australia b Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia Year 2020 has been an unexpectedly challenging year for the world. Despite the [...]

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MAF Summer 2019

Management Accounting Frontiers MAF OverviewTABLE OF CONTENTS Editorial: Only a Three-Legged Stool? A Review of the Concept of Alignment in the Economics of Performance Management By G. Sriharana, Michael S. C. Tseb aUniversity of Adelaide, Australia bHolmes Institute, Australia Abstract This editorial revisit the concept of alignment within the agency theoretic view of organisational performance [...]

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MAF Summer 2018

Management Accounting Frontiers MAF Overview TABLE OF CONTENTS Editorial to the First Issue of Management Accounting Frontiers By V. G. Sridharan, Michael S. C. Tse On behalf of the Editorial Board, we are delighted to present the inaugural issue of Management Accounting Frontiers (MAF). As the flagship research journal of the Institute of Certified Management [...]

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