Those with an “Accounting” background (such as an accounting degree, CA, CPA) or an MBA need to do 2 specialist electives to get the CMA certification as follows:

  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis

These two units have been assessed as equivalent to two Post graduate Masters (Level 9) NZQA units.

Each of these units would normally run over an entire semester in a university (78 hours in total). However, because of the prior knowledge and experience of participants (C-suite level) and the intensive nature of the program, participants will be able to complete the program over 7 days (56 hours).

The additional 22-hours in universities is taken up by ‘student presentations’ for grades. This is not done in the CMA intensive class. Other than that, participants receive the same training, simulations, and case study experiences as in a regular university master’s degree course.

All those who participate in the program take part in over 24 case studies. This is a very applied educational program; and as per the feedback we have received from most participants – they have been able to apply their learning at their workplace with great success.