The following ‘Certificates of Proficiency’ seminars are conducted by the Wharton Institute of Technology and Science (WITS); the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA), the SMART Education Group (UAE)STI (Iran)AFA (Vietnam) and the Shippers Academy Colombo as part of the Continuing Development Program of the Institute. Please contact the ICMA Secretariat or the above organizations to obtain the current dates and venues of the following programs:



1 Company Secretarial Practice AFMA 2
2 Crisis Management AFMA 4
3 Cross-Cultural Negotiations AFMA 2
4 Family Business ICMA 2
5 Foreign Exchange Management AFMA 2
6 Forensic Accounting and Auditing AFMA 3
7 Human Resource Management AFMA 4
8 International Business AFMA 2
9 International Business Analysis AFMA 2
10 International Financial Reporting Standards SMART(UAE) 4
11 Islamic Banking and Finance ICMA 2
12 Logistics & Transport SAC 10
13 Project Management ICMA 2
14 Risk Management AFMA 1
15 Supply Chain Management AFMA 2
16 Sustainable Procurement AFMA 2
17 Takaful (Islamic) Insurance WITS 1
18 Telecommunications Pricing WITS 2
19 Transport and Shipping SAC 2
20 Wealth Management AFMA 2
21 Performance Budgeting STI (Iran) 5
22 VAT Law & Practice (UAE) SMART(UAE) 4
23 Accounting Practice (Vietnam) AFA (Vietnam) 7
24 Internal Audit AFA (Vietnam) 8
24 Quality Management ICMA 2
26 Performance & Valuation AFMA 2
27 Strategic Cost Management SMU Academy 3
28 Marketing & Pricing Analysis SMU Academy 2
29 Driving Strategic Value SMU Academy 2

‘Certificates of Proficiency’ Linked to 7-Day CMA Preparatory Program

The following seminars are conducted by the Wharton Institute of Technology and Science (WITS), and the Singapore Management University Academy (SMU Academy) to link up with the 7-day CMA Preparatory Program. Each seminar provides an individual Certificate of Proficiency. The completion of all 7 seminars will enable an individual to undertake the assessments for the CMA professional qualification (provided they have a degree or professional qualification in accounting or an MBA*).





(Linked to CMA Program)

1 Processed Based Accounting WITS  1
2 Activity Based Cost Systems WITS  1
3 Strategic Performance Measurement Systems WITS  1
4 Marketing Portfolio Management WITS  1
5 Strategic Pricing WITS  1
6 Marketing Communications & Logistics WITS  1
7 Strategic Value Analysis WITS  1
8  Strategic Cost Management  SMU Academy  3
9  Marketing & Pricing Analysis  SMU Academy  2
10  Driving Strategic Value  SMU Academy  2

 *The MBA degree must be from an accredited or government recognised University provided the applicant had been admitted to the MBA program after completing an undergraduate degree in any discipline or had an equivalent recognised professional  qualification AND done the subjects Financial Management and Management Accounting (or equivalent) as part of their MBA degree program. Those who were admitted to their MBA program based on experience only, will need to submit their CV to ICMA to evaluate if they can be admitted to the CMA program.