The programs of the following organisations have been approved for CPD purposes:

1. Academy of Finance and Management Australia

Online and face-to-face Certification (2-3 Day equivalent) Programs under:

  • College Of Finance And Treasury Management
  • College Of Strategy & Marketing Management
  • College Of Business Analytics & Risk Management
  • College Of Administrative & Project Management

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2. Calwest University

Calwest University (Calwest) aims at providing affordable high-quality education to its candidates, so as they can work towards attaining a recognised degree at a substantially lower cost that that usually associated with such degree programs.

ICMA has developed a special relationship with Calwest so that CMA members can get recognition for their prior learning by paying a $200 per course ‘Credit Verification Fee’ for 8 courses as a block based on the course content studied to become a CMA.

As such CMAs would need to undertake only 4 Courses at Calwest: (1) Business Ethics (2) Global Issues, (3) Critical Thinking and (4) Philosophy to obtain an MBA. These courses can be done online for $800 per course. The full fees that a CMA member will be up for to get a Calwest MBA are as follows:

Description Type Unit Total
MBA Program Registration Once-off $200 $   200
Credit Verification Fee (12 courses) per course $200 $1,600
Calwest Tubeclasses (4 courses) per course $800 $3,200
Program Completion & Degree Granting Fee Once-off $350 $350
Total MBA Program Fee $5,350

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3. Shippers’ Academy Colombo

The Shippers’ Academy Colombo (SAC), was set up to address the lack of training programmes and information related to global commerce and logistics available for shippers and related communities in Sri Lanka and South Asia. The Academy functions to support the rising demand for training for local and overseas companies. It is an institute recognised by the Director General of Merchant Shipping, Sri Lanka, to offer courses for the logistics, freight forwarding & amp; multimodal transport sector.