The Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research

Volume 18 Number 1 Winter 2020
ISSN 1443-9905 (print) ISSN 1443-9913 (online)


JAMAR Information Table of Content


Financial Modelling Wars: COVID-19 vs. the Economy

By Janek Ratnatunga

Pandemic Financing – Stealing Billions from Future Generations

By Janek Ratnatunga

GRIDTM Index: Tracking the Global Leadership Response in the COVID-19 Crisis

By Chris D’Souza and Janek Ratnatunga

Funding Manufacturing Post COVID-19: A National Security Issue

By Janek Ratnatunga

COVID-19: New Challenges for the Management Accountant in the ‘Work From Home’ Environment

By Janek Ratnatunga and Hiran Richard De Silva

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